Is Graboid Video a scam?

As the internet has grown, there have been the developments or more and more ways for us to be entertained, especially through watching movies and videos online. One such website that claims to allow you to do both is Graboid Video. However, there are many people online who are very reluctant to use the service, as many consider it to be a scam. If you look at any Graboid review, you will see that nearly every person is calling it a scam. Let’s have a look why people have come to this conclusion.

Graboid Video is illegal

Graboid Video is basically an online program, which allows you to watch and download video from third-party websites instead of hosting those videos on its own website. There are many different options that allow you to filter your search from a wide range of different categories. Graboid Video also offers a free trial of 30 days or 2GB worth of downloads before you are required to pay for membership. But this membership price is definitely not worth it. Graboid Video is illegal. For starters, no legal website would allow you to download the latest movies for free from their page. This is outright piracy. Sure, the application/software might be legal, but the files that are downloaded definitely are not. These files are protected by piracy and copyright laws.

Graboid Video is a scam

The question, “is Graboid a scam?” can be answered quite quickly with a firm “YES”. If you look at any Graboid Video review, you will see for yourself that everybody shares the same opinion. Not only does the service provide pirated content, but the content itself is mostly of very poor quality. Why would you pay a monthly fee to download pirated content of poor quality? You are much well better spent spending your monthly membership fee purchasing or renting DVD copies of the movies when they are legally released to the market. Not to mention that since the videos come from third-party sources, the files themselves can be filled with viruses, which can affect and destroy your computer. Graboid Video is not responsible if your computer is affected with a virus either – since they only link the content on their site, and as such, are not responsible for any threat originating from the files that you download.

It can be clearly seen then, that through either looking at a Graboid review or reading the answers other people have been given when asking “is Graboid a scam?” that it is very clear that they are. It is illegal to use since you are downloading pirated content, and it is also not safe to use, as the files that you download can be infected with many dangerous viruses and malware that can seriously harm your computer. Your monthly membership fee would be better put to use watching these movies in the Cinema, or by subscribing to a Netflix account instead. At least you then know what you are paying for.

Websites That Are Better Than Graboid

Graboid is Not safe to use, it only link you to illegal videos. Even you pay for it, the money doesn’t goes to the publishers, producers or actors of the videos you download, it simply goes to Graboid. As a matter of fact, you are paying money to engage in illegal practices.

If you want to download unlimited movies at a lower price, you can check out more reliable movie download sites which are better than graboid below.

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Movies Capital - Movies Capital is wonderful if you are looking for a place to download unlimited movies. One of the biggest movie download sites on the net! It is much better than graboid video. Movies Capital is 100% legal and is not a p2p service. The customer service is excellent and very responsive, and Movies Capital offers a 60 days money-back guarantee. So you can actually try their services out for 2 months and if you’re not happy with the results, they will refund your money with no questions asked.

Movies Direct – Movies Direct is another great movie downloading website. You can download or stream unlimited premium movies from a wide range of genres from a legally licensed service directly to your computer, portable or mobile device. This company also has a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee for 60 days, and the customer service is prompt and satisfactory.

Imovies Club – Imovies Club has an easy-to-follow interface and the customer service is good. You can download as many movies as you want and watch them on any computer or portable device. The Website is very easy to navigate making the entire downloading experience very user friendly.


Graboid Review

Graboid ReviewWhat is Graboid?

Graboid is a monthly subscription service that allows you to watch Movies and TV Shows. They provide an application software called Graboid Video for you to download or stream videos from the Usenet.

Membership Options

With the free Graboid Video account, users are only allowed a maximum 2 GB for the first 30 days of trial, after your first 2 GB or 30 days you have to upgrade to a paid plan to continue. Currently they only have one payment plan: the unlimited plan for $19.99/month.


  • Easy to use
  • Large Selection
  • No spyware and viruses
  • Fast download speed


  • Uncertain quality
  • Costly to subscribe
  • Terrible customer service
  • No refunds available
  • Doubtful legality

The Verdict

After the free trial you have to pay a monthly membership fee, but is graboid video really worth paying for? does not host or post any of the content so they are unable to guarantee the quality for any files. They are just giving links to files that have been posted on the Usenet. Graboid video acts like a torrent and searches the Usenet for videos which have been uploaded. However, graboid is not responsible for what you download, you are not paying them to download, you are paying them to search the internet for videos.

Graboid video is a neat idea, but the pricing is ridiculous. Also, there are No refunds available, so if you are not satisfied with the results and tell them you do not want to download any more, they refuse to return your money.

Why on earth should we pay them a monthly fee when they don’t even host the videos, the price we pay it is not worth it, complete rip off. BEWARE!!

Better Alternatives

If you’re looking for a good site to download unlimited movies, check out more reliable alternative movie download sites that are better than graboid.

Is Graboid Legal?

Graboid Video is a Windows download application for you to download movies and tv shows. As a free user you have 2 GB of free downloads. After that you will need to upgrade to a subscription plan and pay a monthly premium.

Graboid does not host or post any of the content, it just acts like a torrent and searches video online from the Usenet. So here comes the question, is it legal to download tv shows and movies using Graboid Video?

Let’s get a few things straight. First, no this is not legal. Graboid itself may be legal, but the downloads are illegal. Movies, TV shows are all copyrighted. It’s not legal to download them from anywhere unless the copyright owner is offering the content.

When asked about the legality, Graboid claim they do not host any files other than commentary from users of the software.

It seems that they know they are in the gray area. They are technically not doing anything illegal, but if you download a video that you don’t have the right to own, you are. It’s totally legit from their end, but you’re still breaking the law.

Access to downloads of newly released movies that are still being shown in theaters, how can this be legal? Most of the movies are obviously camera copies and the quality of these movies is very poor. It’s no different than using P2P file sharing networks to download movies.

Stay away from Graboid, save yourself from risking an expensive lawsuit, give the actors and publishers the compensation they have earned by using a legal movie download service.