Is Graboid Legal?

Graboid Video is a Windows download application for you to download movies and tv shows. As a free user you have 2 GB of free downloads. After that you will need to upgrade to a subscription plan and pay a monthly premium.

Graboid does not host or post any of the content, it just acts like a torrent and searches video online from the Usenet. So here comes the question, is it legal to download tv shows and movies using Graboid Video?

Let’s get a few things straight. First, no this is not legal. Graboid itself may be legal, but the downloads are illegal. Movies, TV shows are all copyrighted. It’s not legal to download them from anywhere unless the copyright owner is offering the content.

When asked about the legality, Graboid claim they do not host any files other than commentary from users of the software.

It seems that they know they are in the gray area. They are technically not doing anything illegal, but if you download a video that you don’t have the right to own, you are. It’s totally legit from their end, but you’re still breaking the law.

Access to downloads of newly released movies that are still being shown in theaters, how can this be legal? Most of the movies are obviously camera copies and the quality of these movies is very poor. It’s no different than using P2P file sharing networks to download movies.

Stay away from Graboid, save yourself from risking an expensive lawsuit, give the actors and publishers the compensation they have earned by using a legal movie download service.

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